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What does minimally invasive mean?

Surgery is a big decision, no matter how major or minor.  Surgical technology has evolved dramatically over the past 20-30 years.  This not only includes surgical techniques, but also surgical equipment.  As a result of the advances in surgical technology, surgical procedures are performed much more efficiently.  Also, in many instances, far less tissue dissection is required.  This reduced tissue dissection is the foundation of minimally invasive surgery.  With reduced tissue dissection, there will usually be a faster recovery.  Other factors, such as the magnitude of surgery and patient age and health status, will play a role.  Dr. Folgueras performs minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery as well as minimally invasive sports and fracture surgeries.

Surgeries & Procedures

    Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

    Millions of individuals seek medical treatment every year for arthritis of the hip and knee.  For many, medications, injections, weight loss and moderate exercise program may be sufficient.  However, for those with severe joint damage and pain, hip and knee replacement surgery may be necessary.  Dr. Folgueras has extensive training and has been performing hip and knee replacements for over 18 years.  As a member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS), he is actively participating in the most innovative technology and techniques.

    Carpal Tunnel Surgery

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is an extremely common condition resulting from pressure on a nerve at the wrist. It leads to numbness and tingling in the hand and, at times, pain. Initial treatment may consist of bracing, modified activity, and medications. If your symptoms do not respond to non-surgical treatment, Dr. Folgueras can address your symptoms with carpal tunnel surgery.

    Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder problems are extremely common at all ages. Shoulder pain can originate from a single injury or from mechanical overload, that is, doing more than what your shoulder was used to. In most instances, medications, activity modification and physical therapy can address your symptoms. However, if a rotator cuff tear, labral tear or chronic pain from a bone spur do not improve, you may need surgical treatment. Dr. Folgueras performs extensive shoulder surgery for these conditions.

    Fracture Care

    The cornerstone of Orthopaedic Surgery is taking care of fractures, or as they are more commonly known, broken bones. In many instances, especially if a fracture is in good position, temporary immobilization may be the most appropriate treatment. When fractures do not line-up well (i.e. displaced) or if the fracture is unstable, surgery may be required to properly align the fracture and stabilize the fracture. This will often require a metal implant such as a plate, rod, or screws. Dr. Folgueras performs extensive fracture surgery of both arms and legs, and provides the aftercare following your hospitalization.

    Sports Injuries and Surgery

    Dr. Folgueras is Sports Medicine Fellowship trained and has extensive experience addressing all sports injuries, including joint and muscle pain from all exercise activity. Dr. Folgueras can provide the proper counseling regarding optimal activity. Frequently, a minor injury can lead to persistent pain due to inappropriate activity. Medications, activity modification, and a supervised physical therapy program can address most sports injuries. However, torn ligaments and damaged cartilage may require arthroscopic/minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Folgueras has performed extensive knee ACL reconstruction surgery and extensive cartilage (i.e. meniscal) surgery.